Osteopath in Barcelona : Marina Malécot

Marina had her own practice in Paris for ten years, and is now working in Barcelona with her hhusband Nicolas.

She practice a gentle form of osteopathy and works a lot with women on fertility and gynaecological health issues. She is fully trained to support women before, during and after a pregnancy.

She gives workshops on feminity and sorority, and gives anatomy lectures and trainings espacially for yoga teachers.

She graduated from a prestigious French private Osteopathic school, after 6 years of studies, called L’institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie (CETOHM ISO PARIS EST FRANCE) recognized by France Governement.

Then she continued her studies through postgraduate training:

  • for pregnant women and postpartum with a British Osteopath A. Morgann
  • for newborns and children with French Osteopaths E.Simon and D.Heintz

She studied chinese medicine for 2 years in the French school Institut de Médecine Traditionelle Chinoise (with Shanghai University).

She completed the two levels of training in deep tissue biology (bio tissulaire) with a French Osteopath, F. Bel.
She completed the seven levels of training in Craniosacral work with an American Osteopath, H. Milne (wich is basically a deepening of cranio sacral therapy.

She has also been taking classes in naturopathy and learning phytotherapy for many years now.

She practices meditation and yoga for about 15 years.