Osteopath in Barcelona : Nicolas Malécot

Nicolas worked 10 years in Paris and is now living and working in Barcelona center with his wife and son. Nicolas uses gentle techniques only. He did a lot of post graduated trainings to improve his skills but also to learn more about biodynamic techniques and cranio sacral.

He works a lot with babies, kids and teenagers and gives conferences and workshop on how to accompany and support babies crying.  He worked for 4 years in a parisian Maternity ward where he worked with newborns and new moms.

He graduated in 2007 after studying for 6 years at a prestigious French Osteopathic school called L’Institut Supérieur d’Ostéopathie (CETOHM ISO PARIS EST FRANCE) certified by french governement.

He then continued his studies through postgraduate trainings:

  • The Tissue Approach, level 1 and 2 with French Osteopath P.Tricot
  • Deep Tissue Biology (bio tissulaire training level 1 and 2 with French Osteopath F.Bel
  • Osteopathy for newborns and perinatal care with French osteopaths JM. Brillant and T.Leboursier
  • Osteopathy for babies and children with French Osteopaths E.Simon and D.Heintz
  • Biodynamic training (3 levels) with B.Josse
  • 4 levels of training in Craniosacral work with an American Osteopath H. Milne

He completed a Heil Praktiker formation in Switzerland (CERS school of Heilpraktiker) and is still learning about european phytotherapy.

He practices meditation and martial art for more than 15 years.